4 Awesome Ecommerce Lead Magnet Ideas (3 You Can Start Today!)

These ecommerce lead magnet ideas will elevate your sales. If you manage your own ecommerce store, you know all about lead generation… however, starting is always the hard part.

I’m sure you have faced the same problem time and time again.

You spend a bunch of capital up front to try and get people to your store and to purchase, but even with Facebook ads, Google ads and everything in-between, it feels like nobody is actually getting out their credit card.

Well, that’s because they’re most probably not.

In fact, only about 2-3% of eCommerce visitors are ready to buy when they first visit your site.

That means that there is a 97-98% chance that they’re not going to buy… even with paid advertising.

You can try all these fancy ways to ‘convert’ customers… but in reality, your prospect will buy when they want and off whom they want.

It is your job, and your duty if you’re the best option on the market, to there when they’re ready to buy.

So, to do that it is important for you to gather the lead information of your website visitors.

With a great lead magnet you’ll be able to attract the right prospect, and strike a relationship.

Check out our ultimate guide to lead magnets here.

In this article, you’ll see five lead magnet options that you can use on your site to ensure that your visitors become subscribers and not another prospect lost to a store who has a lead magnet.

A Coupon Or Discount

One of the most popular lead magnets is a coupon or discount code for the store. A coupon or discount is an incredibly flexible offer that can be used throughout the entire buying journey from the initial touch-point, to a Facebook ad, to an abandoned cart offer.

However, in this example, we’ll talk about a coupon or discount code as a lead magnet.

A coupon code is a great converter and works like an absolute dream for a few main reasons.

  1. It separates those who want to buy and those who don’t
  2. Everyone loves cheap things!

Makeup brand, Bare Minerals offers a discount code along with a free sample (more on that later) as soon as you enter their site.

free coupon ecommerce lead magnet ideas

Personally, I find that offering a coupon or discount as an initial offer can be somewhat of a misuse. A coupon is a great tool to get someone over the line to finally make that purchase, but may not be as effective as gathering information of those at the beginning of the buying stage.

A Free Sample

Have you ever been to the supermarket and seen one of those taste testing tables?

If you’re anything like me, that is the first stop.

This free sample is often enough to get potential customers to try a new product when they otherwise would have walked straight past it.

The reason is, people by nature don’t like change… if you’re offering something that is a break to a lifestyle or buying habit, then a free trial is a great way to gather lead information.

Why is a free sample so great?

You know how I mentioned earlier that people love cheap things? Well, they really love free things!

This model is incredibly popular in SaaS (software as a service) models, with businesses like Blinkist offering a seven-day free trial for their yearly service.

blinkist free trial ecommerce lead magnet ideas

However, it isn’t just for SaaS businesses, your eCommerce business can use a free sample (like listed earlier) to put your product in the hands of those who you want to buy it.

A Book

A book is the perfect lead magnet for almost any business and easily the best of these eCommerce lead magnet ideas.

Personally, I think a book is the sweet spot for business owners:

  • A book has a traditional monetary value
  • A sign of authority in the area
  • Easy to consume
  • Can download and read at prospect’s own time as opposed to a Webinar
  • When used as an eBook, incredibly easy to give away
  • Now, a book isn’t actually that hard to write.

If you write your book to a specific target market, your book will be a great way to attract attention and entice leads who were invisible to raise their hands.

The best part is that not a lot of eCommerce brands are writing books… They’re zigging with other options, so you can zag.

This works incredibly well if you’re offering high-ticket options, and if you’re offering something different/better than your competition.

A Giveaway

As we’ve stated, people love free things.

Do you know what’s better than getting one free thing? A whole bunch of free things.

Many eCommerce stores have used a viral giveaway to grow their email list and get their brand in front of a range of people.

The viral aspect of a giveaway can help grow your list by a crazy large amount, espescially if you want to try to boost it with paid advertising. Sumo have shown a giveaway that generated 3,223 contestants in just 28 days!

However, there is far more than one success story when it comes to viral giveaways, with Ryan Holiday, Sumo and Noah Kagan all using giveaways successfully.

Ryan Holiday ran a 59 Book giveaway and got 6,144 email subscribers in two weeks.

Sumo ran an Ecommerce For Life giveaway with a lifetime subscription to an eCommerce platform + Sumo, and got 10,705 email subscribers in two weeks.

Giveaways have helped grow Noah Kagan’s email list by 52,213 email subscribers over the past couple of years.


So, if you have some samples you can look to create a giveaway to generate some buzz. You can also reach out to other businesses who serve the same target market and combine items for an even bigger giveaway!

What next for your ecommerce lead magnet Ideas?

Which of these lead magnets can you implement in your site? Have a second look through these

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