Step By Step Personal Trainer Marketing Strategy: Get 3 New Clients in under A week

Want to know how to get more clients and grow your personal training business?

This Personal Trainer marketing strategy can be used for more than just PTs. If you are any fitness professional, yoga instructor, weight loss consultant, dance teacher, or anything in-between, then this will work for you.

The trick for any industry is to find the right audience, and give them something that will open up a conversation.

What we have found, is that offering a ‘free challenge’ is one of the best lead magnets for Personal Trainers.

Note: This system requires you have a basic knowledge of ManyChat… If you have never used it before, have the article saved so you can follow along while you’re implementing the system for yoursel.

Using A Free Challenge

The best way to get a personal training client to raise their hand is by offering some kind of free challenge.

Now, when you read that, your mind probably goes to some complex, 30-day challenge with weigh-ins, progress pics and all the trimmings.

However, it dosn’t have to be.

A free challenge can simply be an offer to fill in some of the free spots in some of your pre-existing classes to a lucky few subscribers.

If you’re already running classes and they’re less than completely full, you can be using that space to generate more clients! And becuase you’re already running the classes, it shouldn’t cost you anything extra.

This marketing system is based off our Done-For-You Personal Trainer Funnel. As mentioned earlier, the main way we are going to entice our target customers to raise their hand is to offer a ‘free challenge’ of some kind.

So, the challenge you run is completely up to you, but I would suggest trying something that is easy to manage for your first attempt and go from there.

step one: Create a video ad

Now, there are a number of ways to dial in on an audience and have them engage with you. By creating quality content you can naturally be found by those looking for the solution you offer.

The only problem with this is that it doesn’t pay off straight away… and we want to get new clients instantly. To get around this, we will be paying for initial engagement… but don’t worry, you’ll make this investment back.

Rather then send an ad straight to your offer, you’ll need to ween out some uninterested parties.

We do that with an engagement ad.

Enter stage right, a snazzy video.

A video can be used to measure your audience’s engagement with your topic.

Create a short video (under two minutes is fine) and run that as an engagement ad to your targeted audience.

Your video doesn’t have to be some professional quality motion picture either… simply get your phone out and record a part of a training session, or film yourself giving a few fitness tips.

Remember, the purpose of this engagement ad isn’t to create a sale… it isn’t even to have prospects call you. The purpose of an engagement ad is simply to get poeple to get used to your brand.

Pro Tip: Your target audience will be different no matter what type of trainer you are…. however, you should look to limit your audience to within 10kms (6 miles) from your business location; there is no point someone who lives five hours away watching your video.

Step Two: Optimise your ad and create a custom audience

After a few days, you can start to see how your ad is performing. The easiest way to do this is by clicking the ‘breakdown’ button.

From there you can start to look to create a custom audience.

Creating a Custom Audience

One of the awesome parts of Facebook advertising is the ability to create a custom audience.

Once your video has about 200-300 views (with min 25% video views), you can create a custom audience and run further Facebook Ads to this audience.

This audience of people is great as you won’t be a complete unknown commodity to them.

To create a custom audience of video viewers (who have watched at minimum 25% of your videos), do the following:

Go to Main Menu in the Facebook Ads Manager page, click “All Tools” link and choose Audiences:

  • Click on “Create Audience” drop-down menu and choose “Custom Audience”:
  • Choose “Engagement” and after click on “Video”:
  • Choose “People who viewed at least 25% of your video” option, click on “Choose videos…” link, select your Facebook Page, select your Video Ads and click on “Confirm” button:
  • Name your audience (example, “Personal Trainer – 25% Video Viewers”) and click on “Create Audience” button:

After about 30 minutes your custom audience will be ready and you can use it to create your Facebook Messenger Ads.

Step Three: Build Your Messenger List

Before running Facebook Messenger Ads (more about that later on), you have to set up your chatbot and make it ready for use – so, when a potential client clicks your Messenger Ad, it will automatically subscribe him/her and follow up with further messages.

Several great service providers offer chatbot creation services, but I suggest you use ManyChat – as it is easy to use and for our method, the free option of ManyChat is more than enough.

To create an account in ManyChat, go to their website, click on “Get Started Free” button and in the opened page, after checking “I agree to ManyChat’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” field, click on “Sign In With Facebook” button.

From there, you can log in through Facebook and connect the page that you want to use your chat bots with.

Using ManyChat flows

To get the most out of ManyChat, you’ll have to use flows and automation.

Now, you’ve probably created an email automation before, so you should know the basics of how it works.

But if you haven’t, a flow is an automated series of messages that your chatbot will send a subscriber, the subscriber will click buttons to answer questions which will direct what message your chatbot replies with.

Your automation will be the first thing that your prospect clicks on, and will ask a series of questions similar to the following:

  • What are your current fitness goals?
  • How often do you train currently?
  • Have you ever used a personal trainer?

Your flow should conclude with a thank you, and a reminder that you’ll keep in touch and let them know if they have won the challenge.

Once you’re finished your flow, you should activate it

Once the flow is activated, go and create a Messenger Ref URL growth tool using the activated flow and copy the URL of the growth tool for further use.

Run Facebook Messenger Ads

In this step, using your Facebook custom audience and ManyChat growth tool, you need to create Facebook Messenger Ads to build your Messenger list.

The purpose of running Facebook Messenger Ads is to convert a part of your custom audience (who has watched at least 25% of your previous videos) to subscribers of your Messenger list and follow up with them to offer your free challenge.

Now, when everything is ready for the creation and running of your Facebook Messenger Ads, take the following steps:

  1. Open your “Ads Manager” page and click on “Create” button
  2. Select “Messages” type of campaign, name it (example, “Personal Trainer – Messenger Subscribers”) and click on “Continue” button
  3. Name your ad set (example, “Personal Trainer – Messenger Subscribers – Ad Set 1”) and make sure that “Click to Messenger” option is selected
  4. Under “Custom Audiences” select your created custom audience, delete all countries indicated under “Locations” and leave other fields of “Audience” section “as it is”
  5. Under “Placements” click on “Edit placements” and select only “Feeds” and “Inbox” (under Messenger) options:
  6. Set your daily budget and click on “Continue” button:

From there you’ll look to name your ad (example, “Messenger Ad – 1”) and select your Facebook Page.

Images And Descriptions

Select “Single Image” and click on “Upload Images” button to upload your ad image. In our DFY program, we offer images and headlines. But you can use any images from your gym or PT sessions.

Pro Tip: Test various ad images and Headlines until you find one that works.

Insert required text under “Text”, “Headline” and “News Feed Link Description” fields and make sure that “Send Message” call to action option is chosen:

Further, make sure that “Create your own welcome experience” option is selected, click on “Custom Template” and after on “Get Started” button:

In the opened page, name your template (example, “Personal Trainer – Start Flow Message”), select “Text Only” option, update “Text Greeting” field and add subscriber’s first name inside the text by clicking on “Add Personalisation” link:

After, click on “Confirm” button and wait till your ad will be approved.

Step Four: Follow Up Broadcasts

After 3 – 7 days of running Facebook Messenger Ads, you should get a number of Messenger subscribers (the amount of subscribers depends on your advertising budget).

Now it is time to entice these subscribers to come to you, and later sell the high ticket services.

First, choose a number of “Free Challenge” winners (for example, 5 winners of “Free Two Week Challenge”).

Send the winners a message in Messenger (broadcasts in ManyChat) and further you should follow up with the winners to make sure they claim the offer.

In parallel, send a broadcast message to the rest of the subscribers telling them that they’ve won a Special Discount Offer to one of your services (in the way of a $50 gift card) and note that this offer is only for them and is available limited time only. Again, make sure you follow up with this.

Step Five: Sell Your Other Services And Products

Now you have a range of clients and prospects you can offer them your other services… Whatever you like. You can offer one-on-one training, or more group classes.

The thing is, now you have contest winners coming in for free, and others coming in on a discount you can sell them your premium services and products at a higher success rate.

The reason is that once you know your client, you can make sure you offer them the right solution to the problem that they have.

Your Next Step

Now you have all the steps in order to create a giveaway funnel for your personal training business.

As previously mentioned, this system is based off of our Done-For-You Personal Trainer Funnell. The system includes videos, ad images, and everything you need to turn this into a turn-key system.

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